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glass jar with homemade toothpaste.
Non-Toxic Living | Zero Waste

The Best Zero Waste Toothpaste for Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Yes, eco friendly toothpaste is a thing! More and more consumers are looking for plastic-free toothpaste to stop contributing to the plastic problem. There are so many different types and brands…I’ll help you make sense of the market to find the best zero waste toothpaste for your needs and budget. Plastic-free toothpaste is important! Did…

image of ec30 shampoo and soap.
Green Cleaning | Non-Toxic Living | Zero Waste

Don’t Shop at EC30 Until You Read This EC30 Review

If you’re on the fence about ordering from the new eco-friendly cleaning company EC30, check out this EC30 review for a complete rundown of these plastic-free cleaners! Several months ago, I saw an influencer post about a new brand in plastic-free cleaning: EC30. As someone who loves trying zero-waste cleaning products, I knew I wanted…

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